Entertaining: The Simple Truth

When you hear the word “entertaining,” do you break out in a cold sweat? The thought of entertaining can be scary, but in reality it doesn’t have to be. How you approach entertaining can make all the difference.

First of all, forget any ideas you may have that entertaining needs to be expensive and flashy.

The first rule of entertaining is to be yourself and entertain within your budget and abilities. Remember, you are supposed to have fun too! If you spend your time and energy worrying that you are not good enough and do not match up to others, you will feel your stress levels rise and spend far more than you can afford in a desire to impress.

The simple gesture of opening up your home and extending hospitality to friends, family and acquaintances is more appreciated than you will ever realise, and the more you do it, the easier it will become.

Here are some simple guidelines to bear in mind when entertaining:

- Keep it as simple as possible

- Use what you have available and are comfortable with. You don’t need to buy a new dinner service, or crystal glasses!

- Keep to your budget. If this means a potluck party or a simple dessert party, then that is fine.

- Think creatively. You can create any ambience you wish without breaking the bank or exhausting yourself. Your guests will be more appreciative of original ideas than over-spending.

- Be realistic about your skills. Don’t try to serve something complicated just to impress.

- Stick to a menu you are comfortable with and never make a recipe you haven’t prepared before. You do not want to be wrestling with an unfamiliar recipe when you could be enjoying your guests’ company.

- Plan menus that allow you the freedom to be with your guests. Prepare as much as possible beforehand – recipes that can be refrigerated or frozen, and reheated simply.

- Stay relaxed and enjoy yourself, and your guests will too.

And, in case you missed the most important point… Keep It Simple!

The Latest and Greatest Big Screen TV Entertainment Centers

There is a thing that all people love and that’s entertainment. That’s how we bgan our love affair with big screen TV entertainment Centers. It doesn’t really matter if it’s TV, music or anything else that can be considered entertainment. Years ago our parents used to go to the movie theatres for such entertainment just to get into the imaginative world of movies and dream of being the hero or the beautiful lady in the story. Now technology has brought a vast number of smart devices that our home can’t even hold in any more of. The endless list of gadgets like computers, stereo systems, big flat screen TVs always waits to be extended a little more with a newer and better television…

Unlike years ago when we all depended on movie theaters in order to get that great mixture of picture and sound, we now only need what is called a home theater. And there is a large range of big screen TVs available in stores like Best Buy and Circuit City that can make you sing. Even space limits are not an issue any more with the last innovation of the wall mounted, flat panel TVs that can keep you living room exactly as big as before, while delivering hours of great fun. There are sets suitable even for a bedroom, featuring a DVD player in combination with a flat panel TV.

When we got our own home, together with my wife we decided that we were going to get the perfect big screen TV entertainment center. We gathered all the specific and most detailed information available, going through every single electronic store we knew, and we didn’t stop there. We took our search further on to the internet too. We found a real galore of those in the World Wide Web and surprisingly prices and offers were much better there. So even if the shopping trips really helped us to get the feeling about those and experience them first hand, we actually got our big screen TV entertainment center through internet and I can advise you to do the same.

I preferred the internet only because there is more information available there and that information is not coming out just from the seller but there are also customer feedbacks available. As you probably know, getting the perfect one of all the big screen TV entertainment centers can turn out being quite a tricky job, that’s why we need to get that key information of how do they really perform. So no matter how perfect they seem to be just check the feedback in order to be sure. Apart from that feedbacks can also give you some idea of what prices are reasonable and what are not. Don’t hurry, take your time and make sure to spend those dollars of yours wisely.

Entertainment Ideas For Your Event

So you have spent hundreds, maybe thousands on finding the ideal venue for your evening event. You have decided on the menu for the dinner, worked out who is sitting where and sent out the invitations. You want to make your party stand out from the rest so, apart from a raffle and getting the local covers band in, what can you do in terms of entertainment to make things go swimmingly?

I don’t want to advise on musical entertainment as your choice in music is almost certainly completely different to mine! This article will concentrate on things you probably haven’t considered. Many event planners are fans of interactive entertainment that takes place during the meal itself.

A close up or table magician can mix with your guests, wowing them with incredible sleight of hand tricks. Tables laugh and clap as they find that someone’s watch has disappeared from their wrist only to reappear on the arm of the magician! In the era of David Blaine and Derren Brown magic is a popular and contemporary form of entertainment that works perfectly in this environment.

How about a caricaturist? They will go round and take about five minutes to knock up black and white sketches of willing diners. Caricature artists are generally highly skilled and their pictures are of the highest quality. You can sometimes have the caricatures drawn on paper branded with your logo so your guests will remember the event long after it’s over. For something a little different from a caricaturist you could get a silhouette artist – they cut perfect likenesses of their subjects from black card. A classy alternative!

If you like the idea of seeing people’s reactions when they think you have invited Jack Nicholson, Angelina Jolie or Madonna to your party then you could consider hiring one or more lookalikes. The quality of lookalikes you can get vary massively from terrible to people who look more like the celebrity in question than they do. Make sure you get to see good quality pictures of the lookalike to decide and speak to the agency to make sure you can get someone that is also able to interact with people in character. No good if your Paris Hilton speaks in a broad Scottish accent.

If you have the budget and the right kind of crowd you could splash out on an after-dinner speaker. Depending on what you can afford you will find that speaker bureaus and entertainment agencies have masses of choices. From TV celebrities to lesser known but still fantastic comedians. A speaker is a good choice if you think your crowd will sit and listen for twenty minutes. If they will be drinking all night then perhaps just settle on a disco for the after dinner entertainment.

If you are organising a big event and are planning on having different types of entertainment then you could go through an entertainment agency. But, if you fancy saving money then speak to your friends, surf the web and source the entertainers yourself. You will find a huge choice out there.

Good luck for the big night!